We hope that your Lanka Nation Drivers will live up to your expectations so it is very important that you choose the right holiday for you. Our staff is always happy to advise and give you their professional opinion. We try to ensure that the information contained on our website and in our promotional material is accurate and up to date. However, resort and supplier information can change and errors can regrettably occur. We reserve the right to amend and/or give notice to any significant changes at the time of booking and recommend that you undertake a level of independent research or speak/E-mail to one of our trained sales advisors should you wish to clarify any information.

Travelling with Children
If you are travelling with young children, it is important to note that child seats are not provided for transfers and the legislation varies from country to country. If you specifically require a car seat, we advise you to either take your own with you, or contact our Sales team, and we will do our utmost to try and arrange this for you – there may well be an additional charge for this.

Special Requests
Where a special request eg. diet, room location, twin or double bedded room, a particular facility at a hotel, flight seat requests and/or particular meals etc. is an important factor in your choice of holiday, you must advise us when the booking is made. We are happy to pass your request on to the hotel, or other supplier but cannot guarantee that it will be accommodated. The provision of any special request does not constitute a term of your contract with us. Confirmation that a special request has been noted or passed on to the supplier or the inclusion of the special request on your confirmation invoice or any other documentation is not confirmation that the request will be met. Unless and until specifically confirmed, all special requests are subject to availability. For your own protection, you should obtain confirmation in writing that a special request will be complied (where it is possible to give this) where it is important to you.

Payment and pricing policy

Your reservation request will be confirmed upon receipt of the 20% or full payment due at the time of booking. In these cases, you will be notified at the time of booking. Although every effort will be made to confirm your request, please note that travel arrangements are not confirmed until you receive our written confirmation and Lanka Nation Drivers reserves the right to make changes if required. Payments can be made via bank transfers, Visa, or MasterCard with our secured Payment Gateway.


You are strongly recommended to take out personal travel insurance, at the time of booking, for all members of your party. It is your responsibility to ensure that the insurance you purchase is adequate. Booking acceptance shall be deemed to include your confirmation that you have taken out such insurance.

If You Have A Disability Or Medical Condition Which May Affect Your Holiday
If you have any medical condition or disability which may affect your holiday or any special requirements as a result of any medical condition or disability (including any which affect the booking process), please tell us before you confirm your booking so that we can assist you in considering the suitability of the arrangements and/or making the booking. In any event, you must give us full details in writing at the time of booking and whenever any significant change in the condition or disability occurs. You must also promptly advise us if any medical condition or disability which may affect your holiday develops after your booking has been confirmed.

Cancelling Your Holiday
If you or anyone on your holiday booking decides to cancel the holiday, you must notify us of the decision as soon as possible. Any notification by telephone must also be confirmed in writing or by e-mail within 24-hours by the booking name. Cancellation will take effect from the day we are notified provided that written confirmation is received by us within 24-hours of the original notification.

A cancellation invoice will be sent to you within 48 hours, if you do not receive this please contact us immediately in order to prevent an increase in charges. You may also check your booking has been cancelled on with our sales staff. The following scale of charges will be payable depending on when the notification of cancellation is received. References to the deposit include all sums paid or payable at the time of booking.


A refund could arrange after acceptance of Cancellation in written form and the payment could make for refund after two weeks of processing the cancellation. Once to make the refund for Booking cancellation terms will apply, bank chargers or commission amounts will not be refunded. The refund could make to the client from the total amount verified to our account and while transfer its apply service charges as well.

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